Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Is My Favorite Part About Writing?

My favorite part about writing is the freedom. I'm basically having a thought in my head and that thought is traveling through me and ending up in my fingertips typing letters that make up words that make up sentences on this computer screen. The science (neurons, cells, what is the mind?) behind this is beyond me but if you really think about all of that, it is a miracle. 
And the beauty of it also is, you can be exactly who you are at that moment and no one is interrupting you with their opinion or disagreeing or doing something weird with their face. 
I've always wanted to write, since I was a child. I remember copying stories that I loved onto my own paper and then stapling it together to make a new book. I told stories to my little sister and brother to put them to sleep. I read books like a carnivore...(or I guess it would be bookivore? Does anyone know is there actually a word for that?). 
Getting lost in the story, connecting to something bigger than yourself, being inspired...all of these are great reasons to write. But for me, the best part is the freedom.


  1. Well, there's 'bibliophile" but I like bookivore better.

    For me, the best part is the getting lost ... losing all sense of time.

  2. I'd have to agree -- writing is such a beautiful forum that allows us to explore freely! :)

  3. :) that is nice! @ the paranormalist. and thank you for stopping by, giaghani! I hope to read you again sometime! :)

    also love how writing helps us find ourselves and others! <3