Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is "fitting in" unhealthy for you?

I'm a go with the flow kind of girl.  I don't like to cause waves, I don't like to be the center of attention. I just like to do my thing and let other people do their thing! But there comes a point when not wanting to be the center of attention gets in my way. I get nervous when all eyes are on me. But at this point in my life, I'm wondering, is going with the flow unhealthy sometimes? Why can't I let myself shine so that others can see?

It's like this blog. I only feel comfortable with certain people knowing about it. I almost want to tell everyone I know but then I feel like I'm going to throw up thinking about all of those people really "seeing" me.

One step at a time, I'm going to ease out of this shell. In yoga class we have to do a naked reflection where we get naked, look at ourselves in the mirror (by ourselves, thank God) and share our reactions. It's pretty deep and it's supposed to make you look at how you really see yourself. Mine's coming up on Saturday. :/  Wish me luck with that one!!


  1. There was a time when such a meditation would have no big deal for me, so I was surprised that I found myself cringing at the idea when I read this. Probably that mean it's more important to do it now then it was then, huh?

  2. I think so...paranormalist. I recently went to a meditation that said we should love our bodies and to recognize that they are our best friend because they are what gets us through this life. It's not often that we look at our bodies lovingly but we really should. And this exercise seems to bring that out. Look at scars as growth, extra flesh as your enjoyment and celebration of life, etc... I wish you luck on your own personal journey!!


  3. The idea of judging myself naked in the mirror is terrifying. We are all our own worst critics. Good luck on Saturday!

  4. I used to have the "mirror is my enemy" mentality. I've gained and lost so much weight over the years and have always had a problem with being comfortable in my body. I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago and have gained most of it back. But this time, I am totally okay with it. I like myself and I don't judge my worth on the way I look (like I used to). I don't know what made the difference this time, but I like it!! Good luck Saturday! I'm sure you'll love what you see!

  5. I hear you ladies! Most women, (our yoga trainees included) would find this exercise terrifying. However, I love your new found outlook, Judy! I think I should be fine doing this but what it will bring up from within does scare me a bit. Natalie, don't judge yourself! Love yourself!! :)) I know it's hard but try to think of (if you have them) stretch marks as a trophy you earned due to giving birth to a beautiful baby. Our bodies are a map of our history and take us into our futures.
    Love and Gratitude to You!