Thursday, November 10, 2011

Husband Yoga

So....I just taught my husband yoga for the second time. The first time we went through one Sun A (which is a series of 7 poses that you're supposed to do three times in the beginning of your practice) and he sat up and said, "that's good. that's hard..." Okay. But he tried it.

So, I talked him into doing it again... (with a slight twisting of the arm.) This time we victoriously did almost half of the whole series and I really tried to make him comfortable in learning the poses. He did great! It is certainly a process and you don't want to get discouraged just because you can't do it perfectly the first time.

Yoga is hard. But so is life and I think what yoga tells us is that how you live your life on your mat is the same way that you will face your life off the mat. Do you run as soon as it feels tough? Do you try to cheat? Do you do what you can in a sensible way and facing your fears? I love yoga. It has taught me so much.

Sometimes, we may not want to do yoga, or something in life that scares us, but if we do it anyway...we feel better afterwards. I know that sometimes I go to yoga (excuse my language) pissed off that I have to do this right now, but when I leave I am always so grateful that I went. What scares us is often times the best thing for us.

Namaste, my peeps!