Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Worrying World

It seems like we are all worrying these days.

The economy, education, immigration, the food that we are feeding our bodies, war, saving the environment, animal rights, illnesses, not being true to ourselves...

What is going right, it is easy to wonder.

My mother in law and my husband's cousin recently came to America from Greece. They recount stories of new homelessness and violence which they have never seen before. Greece is a country with strong family values and it is surprising when things like this happen there. Where are their people that they can be on the street or hurt another's mother, grandmother or brother, traditional Greeks wonder? How could there be homelessness at all?  Where is their family?

I've long admired the close, if sometimes messy, family values of my husband's culture. Even when you are not family, if you are friends, if you are practically a stranger, they will invite you in no matter the condition of their homes, have you sit, feed you and offer you something to drink. Most times, they will hold your hand, look at you lovingly and say things that it seems hard to say sometimes to those we are closest to in America. Greece definitely warms the heart as well as the belly with all of their wonderful food.

I truly hope that Greece can hold on through this tough economic time and hold true to their values. It would be wonderful to see a new vibrant Greece with a strong work ethic and smart politics but still with that warm and fuzzy heart that they so beautifully beat out to the world.

For the rest of us, take a yoga class, try to breathe, hug yourself and your loved ones a little tighter and take pleasure in the small things! Check out Lavender Luz's monthly post, Perfect Moment Mondays.

Dancing at a Taverna in Greece.

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