Monday, October 17, 2011

The Meaning of Letting Go...

Why did I choose this name for my blog, you may ask? Well, first let me say that this is now my third blog and that this is the first blog I did without the aid of a song lyric for my title. Which I kind of like that this title just came to me.

Yoga helped me with my new blog and I thought, you know, we are constantly having to learn to let go. Letting go of ideas, of relationships, of beliefs, of a job, of bad or un-useful habits... So, I'm not really sure that any of us ever "get" there. Which is perfect because I can keep this blog through all the stages of my life. What a great name for the whole life process and also for right now in this moment with my yoga journey.

I have been on a journey of letting go for some time now. I would say about five years or so... I was always open minded but had a lot of bad mental habits. A lot of my religion classes at YSU subsequently opened the door for Eckhart Tolle to then blow my mind with his book, A New Earth, which I've previously mentioned in this blog.

I was attached to my identity for a long time as being the victim. The victim of not feeling loved, the victim of not feeling good enough, the victim of not feeling like I had a strong foundation. A lot of that was not my fault when I was young but when we get older, it can be because we are just reliving the patterns of our minds. But we've got to learn to let it go! Because if we don't....we're just the victims of ourselves.

The path is right in front of us if we just take that first step...

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  1. Nice to meet you! I'm a recovering victim, too :-)

    And yogini. Not a teacher, though. Welcome to blogging!